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Saturday 09 April, 2022


The 131st China Import and Export Fair, better known as the Canton Fair, will be held in online forms from April 15 to April 24, to boost global trade and China's dual circulation development paradigm. 

AMEC, as a key participator, is ready to bring you with our prevailing products varying from engines to rice harvesters, from Safari camping PV lighting to auto parts, and more. 

Come to visit our booth, you will find fond and popular items you are looking for for long.

Tuesday 18 February, 2020


The Voice of a young salesman in AMEC.


Celebrating CHANGZHOU MACHINERY & EQUIPMENT IMP. & EXP. CO., LTD.AMEC exported the goods of over 300 million US dollars in 2019!

By reviewing the year 2019, with the ups and downs of the Sino-U.S. trade negotiation and the decline of the agricultural machinery industry in general, the international trading experiences the turbulence. With both crisis and opportunities, it is prominent that we managed to achieve the historical high export volume under the wise leadership of executives.

It has been nearly four years since I joined AMEC. I have transmitted from a technical person to a business one with the help of AMEC platform. By taking the opportunity of the company’s success, I would summarize and share my own working experience.

Salesmen in international trading act as waiters. The main task is to serve customers well, coordinate suppliers, and show their values by our service. Our mission is to achieve the maximum of profit through this process. In order to achieve this, we should start with both subjective awareness and specific methodology.

Subjective awareness is the foundation where our efforts should be paid. Without the right direction and correct attitude, the efforts are meaningless. Hence, we should understand our own demand and set the right goals while constantly making adjustments. When we explore new customers and developing new products, Ms. Xu Wenyan, our sales manager, provides us a very worthwhile example. It is crucial to comprehend the customer’s needs and find a matching product by considering the costs and benefits. From the other point of view, targeting the customer by the main product from the high-quality supplier is an alternative.

Quality is the life of a factory, and integrity is the foundation of a person and a company. Integrity requires a long-term investment. As a result, it is important to keep integrity in mind when dealing with customers. Due to certain objective factors (e.g. rising price etc.), the volume of the order would be reduced, which is not controllable. However, customer's impression of us is controllable and a manifestation of long-term operation. The majority of AMECs customers have a long cooperation history and trust in AMEC as well as its salesmen. They are willing to grant us numerous opportunities. As our customers are getting prosperous, our business expands simultaneously.

Apart from the subjective awareness, methodology plays an important role as well. Negotiation is a vital part of international trading. It is an art to effectively communicate and get the deal done with the counterparty regardless if it is a customer or supplier. Taking customer negotiation for instance, an adequate preparation is inevitable before negotiation, such as the positioning of our products from the customer’s view (are we the unique supplier of the similar product?), the customer's psychology (reduce regular products price annually), and the pricing model (kg/price), combined with various factors to formulate our quotation and bottom line. Meanwhile, we should prepare as many chips as possible, such as technical support, product quality, delivery cycle, mold fees, etc. in order to facilitate the initiative in negotiations.

Another thing that impressed me the most is language. When we explored the new German customers, we often encountered the cases that customers did not respond to our promotion letter. But once our colleague wrote his promotion letter in German, despite that the customer was not interested in the products described in his letter, he received a feedback. From my personal perspective, if someone sends me this kind of letter in English, I may not bother to reply. However, if it is writing in Chinese, I may reply it. Therefore, we need to learn some basics in German and Italian for the consideration of our customers. In addition, the language of the promotion letter is preferred to be writing in customer’s native language, even if it is only translated by translation software.

Documenting files, data retrieving and summary are often encountered in daily work. I am willing to use some tools and methods to improve efficiency. For example, software ‘everything’ can search the files you need by the part file names (even letters or figures) instantly. Excel software is a useful and powerful tool for data management. I suggest taking some time to learn software, which improves the efficiency. For example, the Excel functions ‘vlookup’ and ‘sumifs’ help me a lot when there are many varieties of products, avoiding a lot of repeated work.

During our work and life, difficulties are everywhere. It is difficulty that allows us to identify our shortcomings. It motivates us to perform a better job by overcoming the shortcomings and learn from it, and hence to improve us.


Li Mi

Friday 17 January, 2020

Congratulations!  AMEC's export volume exceeded 310 million U.S. dollars in 2019, 28% increase on year-on-year basis. This is the first time in her 36 years’ history that annual marketing turnover goes beyond 300 million U.S. dollars.  

In the last few years, AMEC has been devoted to diversifying its product scope and improving its supply chain, Solar farm, Solar lights, complete plant for oil and grain proceeding, for aerated concrete, as well as truck and coach are new highlights and attractions in our array. Our skilled staff keeps providing our professional and individual service to our clients.  

With a heart of gratitude and continuous pursuit of details, AMEC is always right beside you to make your business activities more pleasure and satisfaction.



Friday 17 January, 2020

AMEC was awarded by General Administration of Customs, P.R. CHINA (GACC) as an AEO advanced certified enterprise on the eve of the coming year of 2020.  This is the top class of its kind in all business entities in China.

China’s Customs accredits the enterprises as certified enterprise, general-credit enterprise and discredited enterprise. Certified enterprises are further classified into advanced certified enterprise (AEO Qualifier) and general certified enterprise. Advanced certified ones are mutually recognized by the Customs of many countries and organizations, such as EU, Japan, Australia, New Zealand, Switzerland, South Korea, Singapore and many others. When one AEO Qualifier is involved in import and export activities, both customs concerned will render the most simplified and flexible procedures to the buyer and the seller.

Furthermore, Chinese AEO Qualifier is enjoying more joint incentives including “ Declaration Green Lane”, “Less Inspection”, “Priority Treatment”, “Simplified paperwork” and much more.  A lot of comprehensive preferred policies are on the way to be disclosed very soon.

There are very few companies in China who are honored as AEO Qualifiers, only around 3000 numbers in total 1.5 million Chinese firms.

Taking this opportunity of AEO qualification, AMEC is going to continuously provide our premium products as well as better service for our valued customers around the world.